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  • What is Natural XL?

    Natural XL is an all-natural Doctor Recommended pill supplement that thickens and lengthens the male penis up to 30%. It also greatly maximizes sex drive.

  • How does Natural XL work?

    The Natural XL formula helps enlarge and strengthen your penis by allowing the main blood holding tissue in your penis, called "Corpora Cavernosa" to hold more and more blood over time. This allows for larger and much more solid erections the more you use Natural XL.

  • What will Natural XL do?

    Natural XL improves circulation and venting of nitric oxide to give you larger, harder and more reliable erections. By improving the ability of your penis to manage circulation and to generate thickness by engorging the corpora cavernosa chambers inside it, Natural XL gives you more length and size to maximize the potential of your penis.

  • How should I use the pills?

    Take 1 pill a day in the morning with water. Also if you wish to enhance your sexual performance take 1 pill 30 minutes before sexual activity.

  • Are there any side effects?

    The answer is No. Natural XL is made from 100% Natural Ingredients. It's a safe herbal formula that doesn't require doctor's prescription.

  • Are the results permanent?

    Because Natural XL is an ingestible supplement, the results you see are permanent as long as you continue to take the recommended dosage. Once desired results are achieved, scale back dosage to a maintenance amount of 1 tablet two to three times a week. This reduction in dosage will not compromise erection size or fullness, once desired results have been achieved.

  • For how long should I take it?

    We use only hand picked, unprocessed organic ingredients blended in our state of the art laboratory under strict supervision. Several tests have proved that Natural XL causes zero side effects even after long term usage.

  • Can I drink alcohol using Natural XL ?

    You can drink alcohol during using Natural XL.

  • Package will be discreet ?

    Yes, they are. Each product is packed in a grey box, not giving away the content.

  • Do you send package to my country ?

    Yes we ship packages worldwide , using Fedex Internation.

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